Calling All Shoppers

I’m back!

If you go back to the previous blog when this was originally written, it was titled,

“Excuse Me While I Take This Call.”

Again, the Spirit Of God amazes me, as this thread of thinking has come back up right now.

A very dear friend, and man of God, I believe sent to us in this season, calls us about every other day.

He just speaks what He is hearing the Father say.

He says we don’t have to call back as he leaves us messages.

But I’ve been thinking of just how important his time is.

Is my response showing my gratitude?

Wouldn’t it be more respectful to answer than to just tell Him how much I appreciate his calling after I finally get some extra time?

I think of my hubby.

No matter what I’m doing or who I’m talking to, He takes rank.

My best friend knows I’ll have to call her back if he’s calling.

He’s my priority.

Is that the same priority I have when the Holy Spirit calls?

Needless to say, I praise God that as I look back over these blogs, I did answer His call that day to pray over you all.

And now that I’m back I can see why.

A lot has happened from then until now.

Just like Jesus said it would.


Let’s look through our shopping “bags,” shall we, of what we’ve found thus far.

I used to do that with whoever I may be shopping with.

We would go over our recent purchases and ooh and ahh.

So, as we sit here, on the bench, outside of store 24:14-Matthew’s store-that is,

Let’s browse each bag.

We started this shopping spree, looking for the answers to tough questions.

Like, where are we 🔴 in this series of events?

In this crazy world we live in, where do we find ourselves?

Like the map at the mall, we want someone to tell us.. You are Here.

We found first of all, that Jesus gave us a pre-paid debit card for all of our purchases.

Total Access to His account.

With it, We bought the understanding that when the disciples had a question, Jesus had the answer they were looking for.

That has to be the basis of our belief system.

Ask and you shall receive.

Everything in the Kingdom of God operates by faith.

It is the currency of Heavenly purchases.

But without faith, it is impossible to please him: for he that comes to God must believe that He is, and that he is a rewarded of them that diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6

When you ask, believe that Jesus answered.

I say that in the past tense, or pre-paid, because even though the Spirit of Jesus speaks in so many methods, every Word will always align with the Written Word.

Jesus came in what was written of Him.

Moving on, we look through the next bag.

From that store, in verse 5 of Matthew 24,

Jesus said;

“Many shall come in my name, saying….”

You’ve now been equipped to recognize-

Not everyone who says, they are Christ, or even Christian, is.

Jesus warned of wolves who would come to you in sheep’s clothing.

You’ll know them by their fruits, Jesus said.

If we were really shopping, I’d be able to point this person out to you.

They’ve bought everything on credit.

They have the latest name brands, blinged out to the max, but there’s something just not right with it.

Outside, they appear to be “loaded,” but spending time with them reveals that they actually owe on every item purchased.

It’s not really theirs.

They are flashy… super flashy.

Come on. You know these people, they don’t have a job but they drive a Mercedes.

Hypothetically, speaking of course.

Anyway- the proof is in the fruit

Not the “shoot.”

They can shoot a lot out of their mouth, but not walk what they talk.

Just like the religious elite in Jesus’ day.

But now, because of Jesus, and His answers to us, we are clothed with discernment.

What’s in Bag number 6? Oh wow…

Wars.. and rumors of wars.

We must have just come out of Hot Topic.

Isn’t that what’s going on right now?

But Jesus left us something very special in this bag…


He said, “See that you are NOT TROUBLED.”

All these things must come to pass,


The end is not yet.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am going to say right now what Jesus said from this point.

Speaking from the Word.

The end is not yet.

I know there are many that are packing their heavenly bags and running for the hills,

But unless Jesus, said it, it’s not true.

Fear is an emotion and it leads astray.

Follow Jesus. Not fear.

I’m kind of excited to just skip a few, with that being said,

To bag number 12.

If I had a red dot 🔴 to hand you, to hold on to right now, this is where I perceive we are.

“And because lawlessness will abound, the Love of many will wax cold.”

When it’s a shock to the retailers of department stores, that you are kindsomething is wrong.

And yet, I find it more and more.

Jesus said that we would be a city set on a hill.

A light in the face of darkness.

We are definitely here. 🔴

But What Jesus says next is a bit shocking.

It’s revealing!

“But he who endures to the end shall be saved.”

What did Paul say about Love in 1 Corinthians 13?

Love, endures all things.

Brothers and Sisters, now I know why I got that call,

To pray.

I didn’t do it religiously.

The Father and I actually had dialogue.

Most of it, you’ve seen through my writings.

But the whole summation of what we were shopping for,

Is this…

To find that You can’t love God or others naturally.

This worlds system is aimed and breaking love down.

But it can’t!

Not the Love of God.

It will never, and I do mean never-


Perfect Love casts out fear.

I shopped with a worldly credit card called love for most of my Christian life.

I wanted to love others.

But my flesh fell short.

I couldn’t endure the pain.

But GOD.

Saw my heart.

He showed me that He LOVED ME, FIRST.

And showed me what Love is.

“I wanna know what Love is… I want you to show me.”

That was my cry. In all my rock and roll esthetic.

But He showed me.

It’s Him.

God IS love.

Find your place in Him.

In His Love for you.

Not in your love for Him.

When it’s based on your love for Him, you’ll be offended.

As soon as “all you’ve done for Him” gets challenged by a seemingly unanswered prayer- like when John got thrown into prison-

You’ll become offended.

Switch gears.

Change your mind about the Love of God.

Many of you reading this today, Love God,

But you’re scared.

It’s because you don’t have the revelation that God LOVES YOU.

It takes one to know one.

I’m telling you this out of my walking it.

I couldn’t stand the hypocrisy any longer.

Saying I loved people and confessing I wasn’t afraid, was not what was really going on in my heart.

I had that heart attack, remember?

But God-

Gave me a New understanding.

Just like John the Revelator, I know now, that I’m the disciple whom Jesus loves.

That revelation is the greatest purchase we can make- spiritually shopping.

Because out of that purchase comes the next blessing-

Matthew 24:14

And this Gospel- (the Love of God, understood-)

that was my emphasis…

Of the Kingdom WILL BE preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then, the end will come.

Beloved, He’s not willing that any perish.

Find out How much He loves you, so that you can truly love others.

Wear your “worth” well.

Jesus found you worthy of His death.

When someone asks you about your new look-

Share with them the Gospel.

His Love is available to them as well.

“I see you dressed in white- every wrong made right! I see a rose in bloom- oh so priceless.”

-For King and Country Priceless Lyrics

That’s the Gospel.


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