Where’s the Creme Filling?

Guys, I know I rabbit trail, but if you stick with me, you’ll find that all these trails will lead back to the same point.

Our point is still Matthew 24, but this morning, the Lord began dealing with my heart on those little chocolate bunnies.

You know, the kind that filled up tons of baskets recently.

I broke one in half the other day, for the kids, of course,

Only to find, that that sucker was hollow.

Just an empty shell with a cute face.


In one of my trails yesterday, as I was rehearsing Chapter 24, I backtracked to Chapter 23.

And Jesus was sternly, dealing with-

and about these “bunnies.”

He was none too pleased with the people who made sure the outside looked put together but the inside was hollow.

Whitewashed tombs, is what He called them.

I don’t want to be a part of that mix.

And I believe the same of you.

I believe, you want to be full of the Glory of God when someone takes a bite out of your life.

How does that happen?

Jesus is the creme filling, that everyone is longing for.

The Good Stuff-

In fact, the double stuffed- Good stuff.

And if we are In Him, that Goodness will come flowing out to others.

Remember today,

that you and I are effective,

not hollow,

when we acknowledge all the Good stuff that’s been packed inside of us, By Christ the King.

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