My Roadside was Covered

Two things.

First of all, I apologize for leaving you sitting on this hypothetical bench-

outside store 24 for so long.

Second, I’m still not fully back engaged in the shopping spree, as I have had a few swerves in the road on my way back from the break.

My Grandmother left this earth last Monday, so a few things have transpired from my need to examine the creme filling, (previous post) and getting back to shopping with you.

Life happened,

and yet,

in those moments,

I found what it was I was looking for,

and what it wasn’t.

I locked both sets of keys in my car, only realizing it, as we got out to the garage with no time to spare.

Frustrated, we unloaded some pallets that my hubby brought home to finish up the chicken coop-

(Whole other post…)

from his truck in our Sunday best attire.

And, also frustrated,

that because of the quarantine, a proper burial just didn’t seem like it would happen, according to all the regulations.

Trying to make the best of it all, and honor my Grandmother, we stood, in the cemetery listening to what was supposed to be a word of encouragement to the people.

Then my ears starting pouring out smoke.

Or maybe it was only me that could see it.

Trying to pay attention, I was shocked at the things that were coming out of the mouth of the person speaking.

There was, at least one point, that he connected Jesus with hope.

That was good.

But the rest of the time he went back and forth to all the places that my Grandmother could be, leaving everyone there confused,

or at most,

a little relieved that she wouldn’t spend any more time here suffering her life away to please Jesus,

As we all were, or should be.

I know we are all striving to learn truth.

Or, are we?

I thought of all the ears there that day that were present to hear.

And honestly, as I prayed silently to myself, I asked the Lord to deafen them for a moment.

How would you feel, if someone accused your Father of something you know wasn’t true about Him?

Benefit of the doubt is that this man didn’t know-

But, It would be hard for you to stand there and keep silent.

As a matter of fact, Jesus didn’t.

He honored his Father even when it meant others may turn on him.

I cowered that day.

I froze.

Partially stunned,

And partially paralyzed by what people would think if I grabbed that microphone and declared to everyone that most of what they had just heard was false.

Yes, Jesus is our only connection to hope.

That much was true-

But my Father,

the One who gave His best-

to sacrifice His Own Son for my Grandmother, and everyone there,

Is not the Author of Confusion.


Of people’s lives,

Comes from the lack of knowledge.

Ask me how I know.

What people don’t know, can hurt them.

Hosea 4:6 says so.

God said that His Own people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.

People die prematurely.

Marriages are ruined.

Kids are lost.

Evil spreads.

As I stood watching as my loved ones, some masked, and some not,

I could only pray that our minds were quarantined that day.

It left me in an uproar- spiritually speaking.

How do I let people know?

What do I do? I asked the Father.

Well, like I said earlier,

there were things the past few days that I wanted to find and some I didn’t.

What I did want to find, came through the form of my keys being locked in my car.

It aroused me to look into My insurance benefits.

Come to find out, much like being stranded, seemingly, in that cemetery with questions about my being locked in the moment,

I became aware that, I have access to “roadside assistance.”

They will send me someone out, to get my keys out of my car, (even though I locked them in there)

All because I have an insurance policy.

Do you know that as a Believer in Christ, you have one too?

The quickest access, or declarations page, would be Psalm 103.

In it, you’ll find that He has forgiven all your iniquities and healed all your diseases.

That’s just a few of your benefits.

But very important ones.

If people found that out, and believed it, just like I did when my agent told me I could cash in on my insurance policy,

We wouldn’t be destroyed.

We wouldn’t be destroyed by people who don’t know the Word themselves and are yet, teaching other people.

And Forgive me, for not sharing the Truth with that man.

After Truth is spoken, it’s up to that person as to whether or not they will grab hold, or let what they’ve known their whole lives keep them from experiencing True Hope.

Certain Hope.

Blessed Assurance.


Philemon 1:6 said that we will become effective by acknowledging every Good thing that is in us in Christ Jesus.

The truth is, my keys would still be locked in my car and I would have stayed paralyzed and unable to go anywhere,

Had I not decided to explore what belonged to me.

Jesus paid for your insurance package.

And it is enough for you to know it,

but even better to help someone else along the way.

We were reconciled so that we could minister reconciliation.

That’s the Good News.

I think we will find out more about that tomorrow.

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