I hate what hurts you

Last night as I laid in bed,

taking my rings off-

so that my swollen fingers wouldn’t cause them to get stuck,

A gentle voice whispered-

I hate what hurts you.

Then God sweetly reminded me of how he hates sin.

He doesn’t hate us.

He hates what sin does to us.

I had indulged in too many pieces of greasy pizza.

And then slammed a bag of hot fries.


I knew better.

So tonight, as my son bit his tongue while jumping on the bed,

after I had told him multiple times to stop,

I realized how our Father felt.

I wasn’t trying to take any fun away from Issac.

But warning him because disobedience has consequences.

I told him not to do something so he wouldn’t get hurt.

I held him,

while he was crying,

just like our Father holds us.

And now, I believe I’m positioned better,

Understanding Father’s Love for me,

to cut ties with any sin in my life.

I’m learning more and more, that’s it’s not just about us pleasing an angry God that we rid our lives of sin,

But rather, it’s about us being led by a loving Father,


Hates what hurts us.

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