Give Me Something To Believe In

I used to be an old rocker.

This lyric may be familiar to some of you,

But as I laid in bed last night, battling some scary symptoms in my body,

(My right leg trying to go completely numb)

I was like an addict looking for a hit.

I craved a testimony.

I know the Word is Truth,

but even Jesus said-

that that Word becomes fixed,

or established,

in our hearts by two or three witnesses-

To that truth.


So, I pulled up some healing testimonies and before I knew it I was asleep.

I woke up this morning, completely free of those symptoms.

What happened?

I became High with the real Peace I was looking for.

Every other form of addiction is false peace.

It lulls your mind and emotions while doing nothing at the core of the situation.

Ask me how I know.

But True Peace, keeps your mind stayed upon Truth,

and Truth,

Brothers and Sisters,

Will Set you Free.

It’s not that I denied something was going on, but I denied it’s right to stay in my body.

Jesus didn’t deny the storm He was in,

But rather,

Told the storm-

that it had to BE STILL.

There Is Power,

In the Name of Jesus.

A friend recently described what it looked like back in the battle days in History.

She said that when an army would show up to battle, they would wave their banner of all the enemies they had defeated.

Let me remind you this morning,

Your banner…


and there isn’t thing that He didn’t defeat and conquer.

He’s healed ALL of your diseases, and forgiven ALL of your iniquities.

One of the slyest moves the enemy tries is getting you to try and figure out what’s wrong,

Or what you may have done to cause this or that-

It doesn’t matter when your Defender took care of them all.

Place whatever it is, under that banner and wave it in the presence of your symptoms.

Let’s Raise our Hallelujah!

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