Fake News

  1. a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses.

We’re on vacation.

One of the options, out of the myriad of things to do, was to take in a magic show.

The flyer says, come see the Master of illusion.

Why in the world would I pay to be deceived?

But isn’t that exactly like the enemy?

He wraps the whole show in fluff to attract us by our emotions.

He wrapped up deception for Adam and Eve, through the painted illusion around the fruit.

I’m no stranger to this tactic.

Yet, just when I think I’ve got it “figured” out, I realize I have fallen for his tricks again.

He paints illusions around people we love.

He paints illusions around “seemingly impossible” situations.

He does whatever he can to attack families, and the children of God.

And I’m amazed, once I pondered on it, that he doesn’t just come out and say he’s deceiving you,

No, they way he offers it

simply makes your flesh want to hurry up and buy a ticket to be entertained.

But Truth throws a wrench in the freak show.

We were planning this trip and the whole week,

According to the forecast, put off the illusion that we would be miserable.

Rain and storms every day.

BUT GOD, is the True Creator.

The forecast doesn’t determine our Joy.

Dust said, we as a family, will purpose in our hearts that we are going to enjoy this vacation, Rain or Shine.

Ok. We said, and loaded up.

We drove through the rain, only to get to the sun beaming over our resort.

One day at a time, we focused on what we had, and because God knows the desires of our hearts, what was in there, manifested.

We’ve had great weather.

Great fun.

And spoiler alert, devil… we’re not going to pay to be deceived!

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