I Want To Be Your Radio

I was, and still am, so overJoyed at the lavish love of my Father, my Savior, and the Sweet counsel of the Spirit,

that I found myself singing a little jingle to Him out of the abundance of my heart.

I’m thinking of the United States this morning and the stimulus check.

We were stimulated to rejuvenate the economy.

Let us, as Children of God, be stimulated today, to declare His Praise, and release God’s economy.

There are mighty benefits in doing so.

*God inhabits the praises of His People.

*The Garments of Praise lift the spirit of heaviness,


Praise is comely, or attractive for the Upright.

We should want to do the right thing, even during the wrong time.

And guess what, when we do, it not only attracts God to our situation, it attracts all of those around us.

So, come on…. Jingle with me.

Set these lyrics in my heart- to your own tune.

“I want to be your radio.

I want to be the station you’ve tuned into.

I want to be Your Radio.

I want to broadcast all the awesome things you do-

So just hit- play!

I want to shout your Name,

Declare your fame,

And know your heart is inclined to my every Praise-

You delight there.

You take your place.

And in your presence I’m surrounded, and full of your Amazing Grace.

Turn it up.

Let it blare.

Soon, everyone around, will know and share-

What I already see, what you’ve made me to know.

This earth is such a grand and detailed show-

Displays of your glory, fill me Lord.

I hear your voice through every single chord.

You’re the Creator.

It all started with you-

Now let this echo ring loud and carry through.

I’ll set my heart to agree with every Word.

Until every person here has heard…..

I want to be your radio.

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