Happy Thanksgiving

Well, Praise Jesus, it’s not quite tomorrow.

I still got to write to you today.

We’ve been camping.

Which brings me to my Happy Thanksgiving.

I could sing unending songs, of how My Father has blessed my life.

I know it’s the Fourth of July, by the way.

I’ll get to that.

But if this was a recipe, like I’ve been talking about, Here’s the main ingredient to A Happy 4th.


Not a Day, but a Life.

I know I’ve shared this thought often, but as I look around the camper that God has blessed us with, free, from debt,

I see the decking out of my Thanksgiving decor.

And I don’t plan on changing that up.

When I see it, I’m reminded to Thank Him.

For my Freedom. For everything.

Whether 4th of July or Thanksgiving Day.

I’m still 4th festive, don’t get me wrong.

I rocked my Trump shirt today.

I’m very much a Trump supporter.

I’m a Truth Supporter, I should say.

I support what God’s Word says.

But as I think about all that’s going on, while the United States should be celebrating it’s freedom,

I see bursts of rage and anger instead of just fireworks and Hallelujahs.

Surely folks know that our Freedom wasn’t free, right.

It cost the lives of men and women that fought for it years ago.

And no matter your party, what’s really on the line is if you’ve Received your Freedom.

If you have, then how can you not be Thankful?

That’s really the dividing line.

The Thankful, or the UnThankful.

You and I are able to be a part of this free country because someone went before and paid our way.

For All of us.

Reminds me of SomeONE else I know.

Jesus bought Freedom as well.

The Ultimate Freedom.

*Whom the Son sets Free, is Free indeed.

But His Love is So Grand that He offers it only by choice.

Our choice. He’s already proved His.

You’ve already been made Free according to His sacrifice,

But it’s up to you and I to walk it out.

The Same for this nation.

It’s already been declared Independent.

But we have to walk out our rights.

And stand fast in them.

Those who have been set Free, appreciate their Freedom.

You’ll be able to see the dividing line.

They will want to stand fast in what belongs to them.

Because it cost someone something and they are aware of that Truth.

So I say, Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you Jesus.

Thank you men and women, for going before and giving your all for me.

Thank you families that went through the time without your loved ones while they were fighting for me.

Thank you Brothers and Sisters who share the Heart of Gratitude with me this day.

Thank you Father, for sending your Son, because

Every. Life. Mattered.

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