Stop and Smell the Honeysuckle

I believe this could be the very image that I tried to copy and paste from one of my devotionals yesterday morning.

I barely ever look at the photo in my attempt to hustle through my “daily bread.”

I often find myself scarfing it down, much like I do with real food.

But yesterday morning, this photo caught my attention.

It reminded me of that hike we’re on, comparatively speaking.

And the fact, that even on my real life hikes with my man, I’m often so focused on my feet and not stumbling,

that I miss the scenery.

Such scenery.

Look at what God made.

Our Father painted that picture.

The one above.

And so many others.

But I’m often so preoccupied with the getting to where I’m going, that I miss what pleasure surrounds me while I’m getting there.

I was running down my driveway,

(Yes… still running)

not long ago, when I noticed some honeysuckle.

It was the aroma that caused me to even look.

Otherwise, I would have blazed past it like I always do.

As I began to bask in the heavenly smell, I also got Thankful.

As I got Thankful, I believe The Holy Spirit whispered,

“Take time to stop and smell the honeysuckle.”

So I did.

And had I not, I would have missed an opportunity.

The fragrance and the flower, are both out of season now.

It’s hard to think it’s ok to break from the pace of life.

I get it.

Sometimes we even feel that we’re letting God down if we take those moments of pleasure.

But Brothers and Sisters,

Who do you think put that beauty there, and why?

My Father sends me flowers every day.

He sends them to all of us.

We have to be the ones to take the time to appreciate them.

As I look around me, and take time to notice Him, I grow deeper in my love for Him.

And I’m fully persuaded that God is more concerned about His relationship with you, than about all the religious activities that you’re doing for Him.

When King David asked to build God’s house, the Lord replied through Nathan,

to tell David the Lord would build his house.

God delights in providing for not only your needs, but the things that delight your heart.

Will you make the decision with me today,

to look up from watching your feet-

That mundane- gotta get there and get there safe on my own mentality,

And stop and smell the honeysuckle?!

Look up child.

At the lavish love your Father has surrounded you with on your journey.

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