The Messy Room

“And not a creature exists that is concealed from His sight, but all things are open and exposed, and revealed to the eyes of Him with whom we have to give account.”
‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭4:13‬ ‭AMP‬‬

Our Father has 20/20 vision.

I know I’ve said this before, but it’s worth saying again, as I see the fear in the world’s eyes,

And sadly, even in the church.

As I’m reading this morning in the book of Hebrews, the above scripture gave me the image of my children’s messy room.

If I were to ask most parents who should be responsible for the mess-

I believe the answer would be the children.

As it should.

But yet, most of the world looks at the mess,

we, as the children of God have made,

and say God where are you?

Why aren’t you just picking this up?

Don’t you see what’s going on?

In the natural, we wouldn’t think a parent is cruel, by telling their child to pick up the mess.

Yet God gets the blame for every messy “room” on the earth.

Now, when my children have made a mess, and get overwhelmed,

If they ask,

I’m usually more than gracious to help them with the ordeal.

But most of the world isn’t asking.

They are demanding.

Like the NF song lyrics,

“It’s easy to blame God but harder to fix things
We look in the sky like, “why ain’t You listening?”
Watching the news in our living rooms on the big screens
And talking ’bout “if God’s really real, then where is He?”
You see the same God that you saying might not even exist
Becomes real to us, but only when we dying in bed
When ya healthy it’s like, we don’t really care for Him then
Leave me alone God, I’ll call you when I need you again
Which is funny, everyone will sleep in the pews
Then blame God for our problems like He sleeping on you
We turn our backs on Him, what do you expect Him to do?
It’s hard to answer prayers when nobody’s praying to you”

It’s hard for me to compare the messy world we live in to a messy room, but I believe it’s a shot to give us a word picture.

One definitely worth looking at.

As I walk past my children’s room and see the mess, it doesn’t mean I love them any less-

But it saddens me that what was once in order is now in chaos.

That was not the original intent.

They reason with me that it’s not a big deal.

I believe that’s what has gotten us to where we are.

“We’ll pick it up later.” We say.

But left too long, disease grows in disorder.

Things that were meant to be discarded are hidden under other things and now they leave behind odor and mold.

That stuff doesn’t get any better just because you turn a blind eye…

Are you seeing this with me?

I’ve been really repentant over the things I’ve just let lay.

When I see the mess, it’s one I’ve had a part in.

But every mess can be picked up.

With God there isn’t a moment that we cannot ask.

And, He’s given is the ability to do what He’s empowered us to do.



At. A Time.

I just told someone yesterday that my mantra is to be the Light, that I know Jesus is, that I want to see in this world.

I can stand around waiting for someone else to help me clean up,

But the longer I do,

Nothing gets done.

Jesus came and turned the mess of sin around.

At the Cross, He did the heavy lifting.

Now we, are His hands and feet.

I may have mentioned my husband’s old boss, encouraging a 2% cleaner environment after each work day.

“He said, think of what could happen if every person left this place 2% better than before.”

What does 2% look like?

Well, it could be as simple as a smile to a hurting stranger-

Or opening someone’s door.

All the way to standing up for the truth in a conversation to set someone free.

That’s “my closet” cleaning right now.

Far too long, I’ve just shoved in small talk.

It’s not helping anyone.

Eventually someone will open that closet door, and find the mess, not really having been cleaned up, but stuffed.

Tell the Truth.

In love.

Actually, first allow the Truth for yourself.

Apply it.

And then help others!

Don’t point out someone else’s messy closet while stuffing your own.

But once your closet is clean, don’t be ashamed of the Truth it took to get it there.

Jesus Saves.

There’s no shame in that Truth.

Only Freedom.

Let’s get to work!

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