Divided Tongues

“The Spirit Himself testifies and confirms together with our spirit [assuring us] that we [believers] are children of God.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:16‬ ‭AMP‬‬

A very cool thing happened tonight.

Because a very cool thing happened that day.

The day the tongues of fire sat upon the head of every believer present in that upper room.

(Acts 2)

My daughter and I were listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit coming through a dear believer.

His sharing of what the Lord was speaking to him during this season was the same thing I had heard.

And again what was said through another believer in a song not long ago.


As my daughter got so excited about how they were the same,

I got a revelation of Pentecost.

In the Old Covenant, the people began to build a tower trying to reach heaven on their own.

God confused their language until He could bring the Sacrifice that could again usher in Unity.

Man’s own efforts to reach God produces babel and confusion.

Jesus and His Spirit In Us, produces Unity and confirmation!

Although the tongues were divided that day, they all spoke the same language.

The Spirit of God is speaking to the church through the believers.

Tune your ear to hear.

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