Thank You For Serving our Country

For several years now, my mom has been walking up to anyone who displays a veteran’s hat and politely says,

“Thank you, Sir, or Mam, for serving our country.”

Her heart for veterans was birthed out of my Papa’s service in the Korean War.

She’s passed that legacy to my daughter, who in turn passed it to me… backwards I know.

At first I didn’t see it for the big deal that it is, and I repent.

My daughter held me to a higher standard.

During Worship the other evening, a brother in Christ walked past with one of those hats on.

I had just blazed past him so many times before, either not recognizing his service, or taking for granted he knew my heart.

Here lies the revelation.

We walk around brothers and sisters in Christ daily, forgetting their service in the Kingdom.

The veterans of the Faith who have gone before us, pioneering the way,

And the ones around us fighting battles daily to share their testimonies of what our God is accomplishing.

I want to encourage you to Thank Someone for their service.

Freedom isn’t Free.

Our Master and Lord, Jesus, paid first for our freedom with His own blood-

Making us citizens of Heaven.

Since we’ve been given Freedom, let us keep it.

And let us be Thankful to the Ones who are helping to make that a reality.

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