Behold Your God.

I know you shouldn’t put a period in a title.

But there’s an emphasis I want to make clear.

It’s time to BEHOLD OUR GOD.


I’m reminded of the instances all throughout the Word- where circumstances dissolved,

even giant ones,

Because Someone chose to Behold our God instead of the situation.

As I listened to a podcast last night, this came from a portion of scripture shared and sounded off as an explosion in my Spirit.

“Behold your God.”

David wasn’t looking at the giant every day.

He was busy beholding His God in Worship.

By the time he got to the fight, all He saw was victory.

God was Magnified, (the rightful place) and the uncircumcised philistine was minimized (his rightful place.

When the army enclosed Elisha and his servant, one was in his prayer closet (my opinion) and the servant was beholding the enemy…

One beheld His God, the other beheld the threat.

The God beholder Spoke truth to the servant, prayed for His eyes to open so that He could Behold His God..

Third witness…

The boys (disciples) were in a boat, beholding a storm.

Then someone decided to BEHOLD JESUS

As they looked to Him, they were not disappointed.

The storm ceased.

Their faith grew.

I encourage you today, to Behold your God.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus, and the things of this world will grow strangely dim.

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