Checking Calls

As I was eagerly looking at my phone to see if who I had just texted,

had not only received,

but replied,

I recalled the Truth that we really never have to wait on God.

He responded to us first.

It is written.

He already called us.

He doesn’t have to call us back.


Because He called us First, He always answers.

His Word is the Perpetual Answer to every question.

Every tear.

Every ache.

Every disease.

Every lack.

Every fear.

The next time you feel lonely, or like someone isn’t responding,

Pick up your bible.

That’s the real caller ID we should be looking at.

There you will discover the conversation that God So Longs to have with you,

That He started speaking before you ever even answered.

Before you were even born.

Jeremiah 29:11 says His plan that he wants to talk with you about is good!

You don’t have to wait on Him to call you back or respond, because He already let you know He wants to talk…

He called you.

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