Majoring on the Minors

““But woe (judgment is coming) to you Pharisees, because you [self-righteously] tithe mint and rue and every [little] garden herb [tending to all the minutiae], and yet disregard and neglect justice and the love of God; but these are the things you should have done, without neglecting the others.”
‭‭Luke‬ ‭11:42‬ ‭AMP‬‬

Jesus said we needed to Major in the Justice and Love of God.

But as you can see, he rebuked the Pharisees for majoring on the minors.

Minors are real, and need tending, but not the majority of our focus and time.

Phil Robertson blessed my life a few years ago, through his devotional,

As he asked,

“Do they really do that all of the time?”


Is it really that they never do anything?

He was speaking on relationships and how we major on the minors.

We blow the minor things out of proportion and lose focus of what matters,

Or what is going well.

And that is always…

That we are Loved By God and Justice is always coming through His Sovereignty.

This would also be the response if we look in God’s mirror every day.

Didn’t Jesus say we are to Love God with all of our heart and love our neighbor as ourself?

Love and Justice.

Let’s major in that Truth.

Looking for it to spring forth in us, and others.

That seemingly hard person to deal with… stop majoring on all their minors.

Start focusing on one thing they do right or have going good and make a Major deal of it.

That seed will start growing!

You’ll start to see them how God sees them…..

With potential, and as a child that God created to be Loved by Him, through you.

I was so excited about gaining my PHD, always referring to it as getting Past Having Doubt.

And that’s a good thing to Major on.

But recently, I heard Joseph Z say that sometimes our PHD’s can turn into Piled Higher and Deeper.

I couldn’t catch my breath for a minute because I chuckled so hard!

Isn’t that the truth?

Sometimes we’re piled higher and deeper in our knowledge of everyone’s faults,

than we are,

in our Past Having Doubt-

that Greater is He that is in them, than that part of them still acting like the world!

I was reminded again, and it’s worth sharing:

Knowledge puffs us, but Love edifies.

Let’s stop majoring on the minors.

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