I’ve been listening to an excellent message on,



Right out of the gate, Duane begin to expound on the Queen of Sheba coming to visit King Solomon, and the things she noted while on her visit.

One of the things noted, was how happy Solomon’s servants were.

In all of the accomplishments and wisdom she was inspired to comment on, I was intrigued by her awe of the happiness of the servants.

It made me question.

Are my servants happy?

Those in my home?

My husband? My children?

Some would say how dare you call your family servants.

But we are.

As believers in Christ.

Myself included.

We’re called to serve.

They serve me and I serve them.

That’s what family does.

But I believe happiness comes from being served well.

You know the old phrase, “service with a smile.”

Excellence, I’m learning, is not just what we do, but how we do it.

I would go to say, that Solomon was happy.

And it had a trickle effect.

But what if my leader isn’t happy?

You may ask.

You can be!

You can start the trickle down to your area of influence.

Yours should be the group everyone wants to be a part of.

Like that cool room mom from grade school.

I remember watching a Joyce Meyer episode where she gave a testimony of a man who worked in dire circumstances with a negative and grumpy man every day.

When questioned about how he maintained his demeanor, he replied,

No one else is the determining factor of my happiness.

I must say, I’m growing in this.

I fail at times to keep my Joy-

and then reflect happiness when others around me aren’t happy.

But they really don’t have that power unless I give it to them.

Joy is a gift from God and a fruit of the Spirit.

Happiness is a result of watering and cultivating what you know you have!

I encourage you to pursue serving with excellence today.

Let’s move on, and not just do the right thing, but do it with the right attitude.

That’s excellence.

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