Lessons From Willy Wonka

We’ve had a movie marathon at our house this past weekend. Mostly Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

As I was running the other day, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the movie, and it’s lesson on meekness.

Jesus said,

The meek shall inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5

Five children were summoned to the Wonka Factory,

but only one would take the inheritance.

Only ONE has taken the inheritance.

Our Lord succeeded in meekness, controlled power-

which was displayed in the movie as self control.

It wasn’t because Charlie was poor.

It wasn’t because he was simply the nicest.

It was because his obedience had led him to overcome the temptation to indulge!

He could restrain himself.

All of the other children blazed right past Mr.Wonka, and their own parents warnings.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be considered rotten.

I want to walk in meekness.

I want the precious fruit that Jesus paid for me to display to be ripe, not rotten.

The first step is Obedience.

Our Father provided for us a Golden Ticket.

His Son opened up the Kingdom to us.

The difference in Wonka and our Father,

is that God opened the Kingdom to any whosoever will.

John 3:16

But just like the movie,

not all who enter will inherit.

Not because they couldn’t, but because they wouldn’t,


Meekness is a fruit of the Spirit.

If the Spirit of God dwells in you,

you already have meekness.

It just needs to be cultivated and allowed to be displayed.

Ask the Holy Spirit in what ways you can tend to meekness today.

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