Truck Day

He daily loads us with benefits. Psalm 68:19

I remember Truck Day.

It was the day we unloaded all the new inventory for the store.

I had been on both sides of the fence.

A hair stylist, waiting on a back order.

And a Salon Service store associate.

Either side, both were affected by the warehouse.

Thank God that His warehouse never runs out of supply!

Thank God that we are able to unload inventory every day.

Not just Fridays.

Although a lot to sort through, it was worth the work.

Especially on cake Fridays😬.

I assure you, my friend, that finding and sorting through God’s inventory is better than any cake.

And meets every need ever ordered!

I’m excited today as I remember that He is loading us up daily from the storehouse of Salvation.

Have you checked Heaven’s Truck today?

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