Dwelling in the Secret Place

I sat out in the truck as my hubby ran into the gas station.

Well walked.

But I noticed a woman who walked in behind him and it was like she was targeted by my heart.

I just began to pray for her.

As I did, the Holy Spirit began to minister to me about His love for her-

flowing through me at that moment.

I was dwelling in His Secret Place…

Hearing His secrets.

“Why are you even desiring to pray for her?”

I believe he asked.

“You wouldn’t, if you didn’t have my nature.”

I’ve often referred to this passage in Psalm 91 as a place to secretly get away from life, and enemies,

But today it took on a new facet.

The secret place is where you hear God’s secrets.

Nothing is hidden that he doesn’t want to reveal, but you and I are the ones to seek them out.

And His secrets are always good.

When Paul called us ambassadors for Christ, he deputized us to be love enforcers.

I don’t know this girl’s story.

But Jesus does.

Not to mention every strand of hair on her head.

And I would go on to believe that we were strategically placed in that moment in time, because the Holy Spirit was seeking her heart.

I want to stir you up brothers and sisters, to know that the next time you are zoned in on someone, you are strategically placed as a love enforcement agent.

We can follow Paul as he followed Christ in his prayer for people in Ephesians 1.

Simply pray that the eyes of their understanding would become enlightened to the revelation of God’s Word, Jesus.

That they would have ears to hear….

One sows, one waters, and then the Father is increased!


What a privilege to work and walk in Him and with Him-

Dwelling in His secret place.

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