Razors and Repentance

So after trying to shave my legs with a particular razor,

And having failed attempts,

I finally decided to give it a better look.

TMI you may think, but sometimes we need to give the MI in order to have a change take place in our lives.

I had already been listening to the Holy Spirit counsel me about the difference between a hand out and a hand up.

I’ll blog about that next.

But guess what I found out about the razor…

It’s blades were facing the wrong direction.

It wasn’t just a stupid razor..

It was the operator-

if you know what I mean.

I could have just chucked it.

And I’m not really sure why I hadn’t.

I had tried to use it several times, put it back up, and just reached for another…

You know what- I will talk about the difference between a hand up and a hand out right now.

Just like that razor, I’ve seen and heard people in all of their efforts-

trying to figure out why some people get healed and why others don’t.

Why the pandemic?

Why the economy?

And then, the Holy Spirit showed me an image.

It was a swamp full of alligators with my children down in it.

He asked me if I would rather feed them, temporarily,

by handing them out dinner- while they remained in the infested waters?

Or, if I would rather they reach for my hand up and out of the waters?

I just read this morning where the writer of Hebrews talks about not despising the chastening of the Lord. Chap 12

Now- I would never throw my children into Alligator infested waters anymore than God would throw His children into life threatening situations.

But my kids, just like His, could end up in there on their own accord by deception or disobedience-

Or simply because of the fall of mankind and it the effects that sin has on this world.

Jesus said that in this world we will have tribulation.

But to be of Good courage because He is our hand up.

He has overcome this world and all that is in it.

I’m coming to realize that the days that Jesus walked the earth, sickness and disease were still present.

Yet, Jesus’ presence superseded the sickness in those who believed Him-

to be their hand up not just out.

There’s a lot of talk about repentance among the Body of Christ right now,

And I believe it’s absolutely essential, but do we realize what it means?

It’s not just crying out to God to give us a hand out- of the alligator pit.

It’s a call out to God for Him to give us the understanding of the way out.

Hand up vs. Handout.

Repentance looks like the razor scenario.

I can just keep putting it back on the shelf and reaching for a new one, or I can turn the blade around and see it work the right way.

Make no mistake about it.

JESUS is always the way up and out!

He can turn things around for you in a moment.

You’ll be smooth shaving in no time!

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