That Seems Shady

1 ¶ Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said,2 Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?

Darkened counsel.

It doesn’t take a scholar in the prophetic to determine that this season has been, or is that of extreme darkened counsel.

Everyone is running their mouth.

This was the same trend as the episode of Job I was recently led back to.

I love how God asked Job this question:

“Hast thou perceived the breadth of the earth? declare if thou knowest it all.”
‭‭Job‬ ‭38:18‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Or rather, He called him out for being a know it all.

It hit home, because the Father did the same thing for me.

Praise Jesus.

He brought me out of that mentality.

Knowledge indeed puffs us up.

Look at what it did to Job.

They started questioning each other, when things got rough, Job and his friends,

actually his friends just felt the need to share their opinions,

But all of it was a know it all mentality with little to no knowledge at all.

Book smarts, and wisdom, or the know how, are two different things.

I’m reminded of my training in cosmetology school.

They tried to teach me by the books.

I wasn’t in to numbers.

I was in to design and how I could see something take shape.

My first haircut on someone by the books was a horrible experience.

She asked me to cut an inch off, and I cut her down to an inch all over!

If she would have just been able to tell me what she wanted, instead of me focusing on how the books taught it, I could have envisioned it-

But book knowledge darkened my counsel.

I’m not saying we don’t need knowledge, we do, but we need God’s knowledge, not human knowledge.

That’s what is going on today.

So many people have tried taking the Creator’s place.

They want to be worshipped.

But God says that all their chatter has darkened true counsel.

We speak on things we don’t really know, and then when they don’t work out, we blame God.

But there is Hope-

This whole escapade with Job was double blessed in the end.

What Job thought he knew about God and what He really knew about him crossed paths.

And the latter was a better understanding.


It was a bitter road for me as well.

Finding truth through the dark is scary, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Job thought God had jumped ship, but in reality, there wasn’t a thing that could happen that didn’t first pass through God’s Authority.

God spent several chapters reminding Job of who was actually running the show.

And How Good He was at it.

Unlike our finite minds that have trouble remembering where our car keys are at times!

Yet we want to run the universe.

And God has given to us the Authority over our own lives, but like any Good Father,

He’s not going to just let us wander in our lack of knowledge.

He wants us to grow into maturity and out of the know it all phase.

We need our Father.

We can’t get too big for our britches.

True Wisdom is dependent upon the leading of God’s Spirit.

I was looking at the account of the wise men in Matthew Chapter 2.

Once again, counsel was darkened by King Herod saying that he also wanted to worship the King.

He wanted them to report back to him where he could find Jesus.

But they were aware of his schemes.

Let this be a reminder.

Not all who say they want to Worship, do.

The motives of people will always manifest, but God will lead those who are looking to Him another way,

just like He did for the wise men.

I was so excited to see in scripture where they were led by the star a second time after veering off of the path.

They were looking for Jesus where people should have known Him-

Where He should have been welcomed.

But instead, a human had taken their self- appointed throne and sought to kill the True King.

But we know the end of that story.

God will always guide those looking for His Presence to exactly where He is.

It didn’t matter how remote the location, or how long it took to get there-

He made the way clear as they looked to Him for direction.

Just like He did for Job.

Brothers and Sisters, if you’re experiencing darkened counsel, lay down what you think you know, in exchange for The Father’s Wisdom.

He’s more than willing to give it.

Let us be more than willing to receive it.

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