Stop the Bleeding

I used to do hair.

One of the things I remember from beauty school, as they called it,

Was the ability to quickly stop the bleeding with a styptic stick-

If a patron was accidentally nicked.

(I must confess I had this happen a time or two)

Humor aside,

As it was never funny for the patron.

I’ve been thinking a lot on a Spiritual styptic stick.

The One I’ve been meditating on, is a rugged one.

It was actually made of two.

Two sticks making One-


How fitting for today?

And, the Truth is-

It did the Job.

It stopped the bleeding of humanity’s sin.

All of humanity’s sin.


Jesus’ blood, stopped our bleeding.

However, just like the use of a physical styptic stick,

It has to be applied.

And, applied, with pressure.

As you read this today, the enemy of your soul is “cutting” into your thoughts, and trying to inject doubt and unbelief.

But it’s time to put pressure on what’s trying to pressure you.

You do so, by acknowledging where the bleeding is:

And then, applying, with pressure, the answer that the Cross has paid for.

The Cross says;

You’re Healed.

You’re Blessed.

You’re Holy.

You’re flawless.

You’re forgiven.

You’re accepted.

You’re more than enough for what you’re facing through Christ who strengthens you.

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