Jesus Wept

That used to be my daddy’s favorite scripture.

I’m sure, like any bible- believing and hopeful parent,

Like my grandmother, you would have responded with a “c’mon,”

You’re just trying to “get out” of good ole fashioned memory versing.

I would laugh as she told me about his attitude towards scripture memory,

Until my daughter quoted it today, and smirked that it was her favorite scripture.

I did the c’mon thing, with the look of sheer annoyance, until again,

I was schooled by the Holy Guest.

“What’s wrong with that one?”

I felt him nudge.

And further provoke me… in a good way.


And now that I’ve met Jesus here in this passage,

It’s more powerful to me than ever.

Jesus… Wept.

He was touched with the pain that you and I face while walking on this earth.


Jesus wept-

could be the most powerful thing you tell someone today.

They need to know, that HE KNOWS THEM.

He knows heartbreak.

He’s been touched by the grief that death brings.

And he wept over it.

But that’s not all, He rose over it.

Then, Now, and FOREVER.

So, it’s a Big deal, this small phrase.

Run with it.

It’s the Power to SAVE A LIFE.

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