“I’m just going to write my scripture tiny in the top of my page so I can use it as a paper airplane,”

the little boy said.

While teaching Sunday school yesterday, I had to brake check, yet again, as my “you better- not- treat the -Word -like -that,” mentality spued out.

Then, he corrected me…..

“It doesn’t matter how small I write it, it’s still powerful.”

I stood schooled.

“I’m so sorry, you’re right.” I told him.

I believe the Spirit of God really wants to enforce this right now.

No matter what size scripture is written,

No matter if you only know one of them right now-

The Word of God is powerful.

Do not despise the small things.

It was my human reasoning that looked on the appearance,

But the Spirit of God-

through my fellow young disciple-

to remind me of how God perceives things.

You my be facing a giant today,

But remember what David used, by Grace, to defeat his foe.

A small stone.

Rock represents Christ.

One small Word can defeat anything in this world.

I say again, Greater is He Who is in you than He that is in this world.

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