Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On…

Did you experience that too?

This past year, day before yesterday to be exact, marked the beginning of some shaking taking place.

I know there was in my heart,

What about yours?

This blog originally aired in my heart in the beginning of April last year.

Remember the shopping trip?

If not, I encourage you to go back and look.

I just did, and I’m amazed at the Word that went ahead, like He always does.

God has just been above and beyond showing Himself to me.

All Life, is upheld by His Word.

Today, I find myself with the same line of thinking as I open up to Psalm 91.

He’s dealing with me about living like a refugee.

A little Tom Petty for ya.

He said, that we can dwell in the Secret Place, with Him being our refuge.

So why is it, that during this shaking, we’ve been running around like refugees?

On my way back to shop in store 24, (the shopping trip) I browsed back through 23 (of Matthew.)

Here’s what I have in my shopping bag.

I believe Jesus was at church in Chapter 23.

Or supposed to be anyway.

But what He found there, He called out as hypocrisy.

Something that appeared one way, but was not that way in reality.

In the windows of store 24, first verse, we see a preview of the good things to come, while we shop inside.

Or outside?

Matthew 24:1

And Jesus went out, and departed from the temple:

There was a semicolon in my bible, so we’re going to stop and look here a minute.

Jesus went out of the temple.

Remember how he was in church?

I think we have defined so much of what we call church, to be limited to the four walls of a building.

That, we thought, was our refuge.

The disciples felt the same way, as we will see in a moment.

But what Jesus wanted to see happening in the church and what he found were not the same.

I believe it’s much this way in the very hour we are in.

Pressure always reveals posture.

What comes against us, will reveal our ability to withstand or crumble.

Thus the whole lotta shakin goin on.

What is going on in the world around us, is just that, around us-

But is Jesus finding us rising up, or falling down in the shaking?

Is it Hypocrisy that he’s finding in the four walls, or a foundation that cannot be shaken?

Are we dwelling in His refuge?

In Him?

Or running around like refugees?

Let’s browse a bit further.

And his disciples came to him, for to show him the buildings of the temple.

2. And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? Verily I say to you, There shall not be one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.

I know this was prophetic of the Jewish temple and the destruction thereof,

But I believe this Word is just as alive to us today.

Especially in a time, where some aren’t able to gather in buildings to worship.

If our faith was based on a building and the glory of them,

Walls are starting to shatter, so to speak.

But if, like Jesus taught the disciples,

We are the church, and are ministers of reconciliation,

We walk out of those four walls like he did that day on a mission.

The crumbling of the walls didn’t define Him.

Preaching the gospel did.

His refuge wasn’t physical.

It was His Place in the Father.

And that’s what we find a little further back in store 24.

Verse 14 to be exact.

And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations,


The enemy was subtle inside those church walls.

Much like today.

If he could shift the focus on trying to figure things out,

and debate amongst each other who’s doctrine is right,

Then he can take our focus off what we were called to do.

And That, Brothers and Sisters,

is to take this Gospel,

(good news by the way)

– the ministry of reconciliation,

That we no longer have to live like refugees-

to the world.

You are Here 🔴

Remember that locater map?

I believe that’s what our Savior is speaking in this moment.

We are in this hour.

We are supposed to be About the Father’s business.

So, like me, you may have found that you need to shed some pounds, spiritually speaking.

Let go of fear, offenses and bitterness, or anything else that has weighed you down and had caused you to lose your FOCUS.

That’s what this whole Chapter is about.

I declared that 2020 was going to be the time of perfect vision.

With that comes the ability to regain Focus.

If we’ve found ourselves sidetracked by the world events mentioned-

Or, Whatever has caused your focus to shift,

Today is the day for Salvation.

The Gospel IS the Power of God unto salvation.

We have a refuge.

It changes everything, for us, and then for others.

Bring them home!

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