“Oh, girl, you stand by me… I’m forever yours…. faithfully.”

“I am One [of the Two] who testifies about Myself, and My Father who sent Me testifies about Me.””
‭‭John‬ ‭8:18‬ ‭AMP‬‬

This was the Word that drew these thoughts this morning.

I am one of the two, in my marriage.

When I speak, Dust speaks, or vice verse.

At least, as God spoke to my heart, that’s how it should be.

That’s oneness.

That only comes from intimacy.

The knowing your spouse as the Bible says.

The knowing of Jesus.

Our marriage is supposed to reflect the covenant of Jesus and His bride.

I sign my name to our checks.

When we pray, In the Name of Jesus,

it’s not just a religious slogan.

It’s actually cashing our funds from the joint account.

It never surprises me that the Holy Spirit begins a thread in my thoughts and then confirms it in the Word.

For days, I’ve been thinking of Jesse Duplantis’ teaching on “I’ll be your two..”

Meaning that Jesus said if two touch anything in His Name, He’s there and it’s cashable.

And Jesus declares His Father to be His two.

And Jesus, Brothers and Sisters, is ours.

We agree with what He said in intimacy.

The Secret Place of the Most High, is well,

full of secrets from the Most High.

Again I say that nothing is hidden from us, but the enemy does blind us at times.

Those scales fall, however, in God’s Presence.

I’ve said from the beginning of the year and even last year, I was prophesied over about seeing things,

clearer and clearer.

And it’s happening.

Jesus will always and has always been the same.

Th fog came from losing my focus.

Losing my focus came from yielding to the cares of this world.

Yes, even good cares, Martha.

But The Sweet Spirit of God would have none of that.

He gently, yet, boldly led me through several means to where I could see better.

In the secret place.


“I’m finding myself, at a loss for Words, and the funny thing is… it’s ok. The last thing I need, is to be heard, but to HEAR, what you would say…”

When He speaks, life happens.

And it’s great when I speak what He speaks.

But that can only come from me, first, taking the time out to listen.

There are many like me, living in stale revelation.

Like being married but having two different accounts.

That’s why you see so many believers speaking contrary to the Truth, right now.

Or believers, speaking the Truth but not believing it in their own hearts.

That’s where I was.

I had so many roles and was so busy for Jesus, I’d forgotten who I was.

The Holy Spirit ministered that to me as I watched a movie, where Al Pacino was so caught up in his “acting” he couldn’t separate the two.

Who he was, from his part that he was playing.

Jesus called people like that hypocrites-play actors, pretenders.

I repented.

I need to know Him to reflect Him.

Not just know of Him, based on someone else.

It’s good to follow others faith, but a good leader, like John the Baptist, will eventually point you directly TO HIM, and allow you to follow Him on your own.

And, He will lead you to the Secret Place.

There you find that in the presence of the Lord, there is Fulness of Joy.


Of everything we need to be Faithful.

We are Faithful out of His Faith in Us.

I learned that this morning in the quiet.

Being a Faithful wife means I’m full of Faith in my marriage.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

If there are things we don’t like to see, FaithFULLness can change that.

In our marriages, but also in this earth.

That’s what it means to be one.

Like Jesus reflected the Father in unity with His Truth,

We do the same.

Faith conforms everything not right, to the One Who is.

Starting with me.

I listen. I reflect.

You can’t try to be faithful.

Like Love, it can’t be made.

It comes from Oneness with Faithfulness Himself.

Oneness comes from intimacy.

Intimacy comes from dwelling in the secret place.

Let Him lead you there.

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