What are you looking at?

I still have symptoms.

The Holy Spirit made me fully aware of this as He asked me that question.

“What are you looking at?”

I felt the sting in the phrase.

And I was.

I was looking at her.

What she looked like.

Her style of writing.

The symptoms of comparison came flooding up.

Until the Sweet Spirit raised the standard.



Why do we do it?

The symptoms reveal a greater disease.

Failing to believe I’m Loved.

Which is a lie straight from hell.

I know that, because love was Proven.

Jesus found you, worthy of His blood.

Worthy of the contradiction of sinners against Himself that Hebrews 12 talks about.

If He calls me worthy than comparison has to bow.

Among other things that I’m learning to crucify for Jesus sake.

If He paid it. I’m walking in it.

This is the time to occupy.

That means holding your ground.

The enemy has no real power.

He can only lie and deceive.

The truth is, he’s been stripped.

The heavens have seen the spectacle he is.

We have to open our eyes, see it for what it is, and then guard what is rightfully ours, through the Blood of Jesus.

So, what are our rights?

It’s worth knowing, isn’t it?

If Jesus found us worthy of His death, we should more than see Him worthy of finding out what He purchased for us,

And then defending His Honor at all costs.

Brothers and Sisters,

I’ll ask you the same question.

What are you looking at?

The Truth or the lies.

It’s really that simple.

The Truth is, Jesus didn’t make you that other person.

And He’s the Master craftsmen.

I believe He knows best.

And I’ll go a step further to believe and share that He knows what position and place He’s designed you to be.

If you’re not in the perfect place of Goodness He’s planned (Jeremiah 29:11),

then you don’t need to “move up” some corporate ladder, or status,

you need to MOVE IN to His Presence.

There, He will lead you in the paths of Righteousness.

He will show your your gift.

(A gift is something you’ve been given- don’t forget that)

And then according to Proverbs 18, your gift will make room for you.

You need not to attempt to make room for your gift.

The Father knows best.

Just wait, and Worship.

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