Sittin on Em-

As I watched a racing show with my man last night,

I was reminded, or reinforced, rather, by the Holy Spirit about what meekness looks like.

This particular team of guys were all known to have the faster cars.

So the other team, tried to “get the hit,”

meaning, they wanted to jump out before the light turned green to try and get a head start.

However, the seasoned racers were on to their agenda.

Although they knew they had the power to beat them,

the real win, was in the self control to wait.

One guy even said, “when you’ve got all that power ready to roll, and you love to make a pass, it’s so hard to just sit there.”

I find myself in his shoes.

It’s hard to sit.

But wasn’t sitting at Jesus feet, the best gift, that could be given to Him at the time, Jesus replied to all of Martha’s hustle?

Sitting seems inactive.

Even lazy, to some.

But it caught the Lord’s attention.

I feel at times, like that little girl trying to wiggle out of daddy’s lap.

I’m finding though, that what I’ve received in His Presence, far outweighs the power I try to concoct on my own.

I think that’s why Paul describes it as a laboring to enter into His rest.

The labor-

is in all the reasoning as to why we should just be still, as God’s Word challenges us to,

when it looks like we could be doing more.

Or at least helping out…

The Truth is, as a Believer in Jesus, and His resurrection power, we have all the same ability that He walked in.

But the maturity, that Jesus displayed, was found in meekness.

That’s the dynamic of the Father’s heart that changed lives.

I don’t know what your facing today.

But I know that He always goes before us with the Word.

Here it is: Be still. And KNOW THAT I AM YOUR GOD.

This is the strategy to Win!

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