The Hangover

Last week I was asked to share my heart at church.

After mulling over all that I had been “feeding” on, the Holy Spirit inspired me to talk about “The Hangover.”

Jokingly I asked if any one else was suffering from a little belly hanging over their britches, after their Thanksgiving meal.

My focus however, was hopeful that we were all experiencing the Thanks hanging over from God’s giving.

(You can check the message in it’s entirety out at The Missing Peace page on Facebook.)

But, as the week went on, He just brought the message home more and more for me.

I had shared that Jesus would say over and over,

“The time is coming, and Now is.”

By the Spirit, I Understand now, that that is the very heart of prophecy.

Jesus was, and is the issuer of the Kingdom, so every place He spoke or ministered, was now subject to another domain.

His presence and Kingdom rules over all.

So, while speaking with Him in prayer and asking Him where He wanted me to find Him last night, He led me to John 4.

The very story of my life.

He spoke those words to that woman.

That woman who had been looking back to the place she had known, the familiar-

Only to find she would become thirsty again.

This is the representation, I believe of the institutional church.

Depending on somebody, to fulfill you,

not a fulfillment of having being filled.

There’s a difference.

Religion is always seeking more signs.

More of this, more of that.

Jesus is.

When He fills you, you’re overflowing.

You’re never without.

There’s a difference.

Ask me how I know.

So, He said that to her, the time is coming and Now is, that the Worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth.

The time was Now, because Jesus is Truth, and was coming because the Word will accomplish what it’s sent to do.

Jesus accomplishes.

Because He accomplished.

We simply “hangover” from all He’s done.

We give thanks.

I’ve thought a lot on the leper’s Jesus healed.

Especially in this time.

Not of my own accord, but

The Spirit led me there, as He’s always relevant.

The leper’s were quarantined.


“Have mercy on us.”

And you know what?

He did.

He Healed them.

But you should go check it out.

It’s all in Luke 17. I’d tell you the whole thing, but I’m more concerned with you finding Jesus, than just taking my Word for it.

I’ll give you a briefing of it though that rocked my world.

As I’ve been faced recently with a diagnosis and symptoms of things of the same kind of contamination.


And as they WENT, they were CLEANSED.

Yes. I know I’m capslocking, and I’ve been told that to do that, it’s like screaming at your audience, but if I was in person, and you were my audience, I would for sure be screaming it!

Praise Jesus!

He’s the ANSWER.

His mercy on us, that was paid in full, Now is, walked out in us, as we GO. (Is coming)

That’s the Word, folks!

There’s your prophecy.

Religion runs around looking for “a Word.”

Brothers and Sister, I’m here to tell you,

He is the Word!

I got a hold of that for myself and went out and ran a 5k!

(Yes, I’m still running.)

What a Mighty God.

Thank God for His left overs.

Oh yeah, I’ve got something for you on that too.

Hangover with me in John 6:

Where again Jesus mentions the time coming, but now is.

Did you ever wonder what He did with those left overs?

The twelve baskets that remained from the feeding of five thousand.

The hangover.

As I read that today, it said that they were all filled.

The people had as much as they wanted.

Sometimes we’re like that.

We’ve had enough of the Word we think for a little while.

And like those leper’s, we run off to do what we think will satisfy us.

But only one of them turned back to Jesus to give thanks for what He had done…

And you know what happened?

He was made whole.

Thanksgiving for the recognition of what’s already been accomplished for you, makes you whole.

It’s more than just seeing Jesus in Heaven one day.

Had the disciples had a Thanksgiving hangover, and kept close watch on those left over baskets, they may not have gotten into doubt when Jesus spoke to them about the “leaven” of the Pharisees.

They were wondering where in the world they would get bread.

Another natural response.

But remember, relationship knows that the Supplier lives inside.

Jesus wasn’t talking about finding bread.

He was bread!

He was talking about keeping their minds quarantined from all the religious mumbo jumbo that chokes His Word.

Brothers and Sisters, The time is always coming that you’ll need an answer, but Now is the answer already living inside of you.

Jesus said, in this world you’ll have tribulation, but be of Good Cheer, I’ve overcome the world.

Draw from Him.

The Everlasting Love.

Hangover in His completed works.

Turn back to Praise Him for what’s He has done, and be made Whole!

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