Wise Men Still Bow

“Did you get to watch that “Just a Girl” by Brandon Heath video I sent you?”

My friend asked me.

I hadn’t yet.

The hustle and bustle, well, had hustled and bustled me.

But after her spurring, I took an intentional break to watch it while making my sons bed.

I couldn’t help but zone in on the wise men.

I would need wisdom today.

And this video I watched, was strategically placed before my eyes.

Before I would get to need wisdom, wisdom was deposited.

That’s how the Holy Ghost rolls.

And here’s what I gleaned….

Wisdom, true wisdom, bows.

They, the Wise Men, were in awe of Him.

They knew He was different.

That He was greater than all the wisdom they had accumulated.

And They were so excited to bless Him-

Bringing their gifts of honor.

Me, I don’t own much gold.

And I used all of my frankensince.

I don’t even know what myrhh is,

but I do have Honor.

I can honor the King by bowing to His Word this morning.

My heart was a wreck last night as I got some news that caught me off guard.

My flesh wanted to throw down.

But my Spirit… is a wise man.

The Holy Spirit in there, challenges me to Honor the King by doing what His Word says.

Today, it’s this;

Psalm 37:4 Trust in the Lord, and Do Good;

Dwell in the land and feed on His faithfulness-

Now, it absolutely takes trusting that the Lord will make right what I feel is wrong in my life right now, but regardless of what I’m feeling,

True trust means I will DO good.

Trusting In the Lord comes from the next verse.

Dwelling in the land… in the secret place..

-means to live-

not just pop in and out….

and while dwelling there,

in His Presence,

We feed on His faithfulness.

(I’ve written a whole blog about that.)

I can’t write enough to tell you how many times My God has done what He is famous for in my life.

While I’m munching on this truth, the malnourishment of being led from my emotions, is subsiding.

The very bible I hold is my hubby’s.

I can remember a time when I dreamed of just praying with him, and at this moment I’m being led by the highlighted passages in his bible-

Reminding me- not only of the truth, but the manifestation of the truths I’ve trusted in before.

I don’t know what you’re facing today-

but the star that was shown in the heavens night before last-

reminded me of that faithful night that the lives of so many were connected by it.

They all saw the same Star.

How they responded, was their decision.

Some brought gifts.

Some stood in awe.

Some saw it as just another ordinary night.

But the wise men…. they bowed before Him, and that’s what I’m choosing to do today.

I’m bowing my feelings to the King.

I’m bowing my Best because He’s MORE THAN WORTH IT.

I refuse to waste the life that was given for me and I encourage all of you other wise men and women of God to do the same.

I’m sure those wise men felt things that night.

Cold from travel and weariness.

Confused, after having to explain to the people who should’ve known Him that they were looking for the King.

But they moved on

past those feelings,

to follow the True Star, and when they arrived, they met the One who had directed them there-

And they bowed.

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