A Little Bit Left

For some of you reading this, it may already be the 1st day of 2021-

But for some,

you’re getting it as there is a little bit left, in 2020.

There are so many examples in the Word of Life that I could share with you on the importance and significance of the little bit.

But I just simply want to challenge you, to take this little bit of time left in 2020 to sow into your New Year.

I ran today.

I hadn’t in a while.

As a matter of fact it had been over a week, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a runner.

The truth is, I know what’s inside of me.

I know what this body of mine can do, because I’ve done it.

My two miles today weren’t easy.

I actually said in my mind I would at least just do one.

(I’ve been working on getting that minimizing phrase out of my vocabulary.)

But I set my watch for two miles.

*There’s something about setting yourself up for victory.

The Holy Spirit always anchors hope beyond what you feel capable of,

because God is always, and will forever be, bigger than our thinking.

So, as I rounded up on the two mile marker, with only what felt a little bit left in the tank, I was challenged by the Spirit-

that what I sowed today, beyond my minimum, could be tapped into tomorrow.

That belief rests in knowing what is in there.

Let me give you an example.

I asked my daughter to get me my glasses last night that I had left upstairs.

I know what’s in there. In her heart.

She’s faithful and obedient.

So instead of saying please, I said THANK YOU.

I already knew I had it in the bank so to speak.

Before it ever manifested I knew her heart would be to honor me.

I can assure you, before it ever manifests, God’s heart is to honor His Word.

Here’s where I challenge you, Dear brother or sister,

With this little bit left of 2020-

Change the way you pray.

Change your please into a THANK YOU.

The Truth is, He is already pleased, to give you the entirety of what the Blood of Jesus purchased.

Will you dare believe that and just Thank Him?

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