“Now there was leaning on Jesus’ bosom one of his disciples, whom Jesus loved.”
‭‭John‬ ‭13:23‬ ‭KJV‬‬

John was among the twelve.

They all had access to Jesus,

But one, was positioned to receive intel.

That would be John.

The disciple whom Jesus loved.

Again, Jesus loved all the disciples, but John KNEW AND BELIEVED IT.

He believed that if He leaned on Jesus, He could ask Him anything.

And He did.

Peter wasn’t positioned to ask the tough question.

He was busy rehearsing his prior arguing with Jesus over letting Him wash his feet.

I can so relate to Peter-

His all or nothing mentality.

Jesus has just told Him that if he refused to let Him wash his feet, he had no part with Him.

I’m just going to pause and think on this-

How many of us are arguing with the Word right now in our lives?

Really take time right now to let the Holy Spirit minister to you.

God has spoken to my heart to do some specific things, but I reason.

The Word says I’m already healed, but my body argues.

And then, like Peter, I try doing more for Jesus-

to be accepted like John, but I miss it completely.

John just simply received.

Even at the end of this chapter if you read on, Peter is wailing his strength in his own abilities to try and be where Jesus is…

But Jesus knew the reality of his own strength.

YET, He loved him.

“He knew me…. yet He loved me.. He who’s glory makes the heavens shine.”

Just went old school for a minute.

Yes, Jesus knows my immaturity, yet he saw passed it and works me through it.

Peter wasn’t as ready as he thought he was!

But let’s get back to John.

The one with intel.

We need intel right now.

And Brothers and Sisters, it’s available.

Look at the Word.

It comes from LEANING ON JESUS.

Lean on this Word right now and NOT YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING.

Not the media.

Not what Grandma and Grandpa say…

Not even what your circle says.

Those boys were all present with Jesus.

But they were speculating and reasoning about what was about to happen instead of LEANING.

I’m telling you-

He’s never failed me and He won’t start now.

The disciples were facing a pivot in their walk with Jesus.

All they had known was about to take a shift, but the latter result would supersede their expectations as they kept leaning into where Jesus was.

If you seek HIM you will find HIM.

Where you find HIM, you will find all that you’ve ever needed or could imagine.

Regardless of the circumstances around you.

Jesus faced death for us.

It was all around Him but it could NOT OVERTAKE HIM.

We are safely tucked in Him today.

Don’t argue with that TRUTH.

Activate Psalm 91 in your life right now by the blood of Jesus.

Praising Him for what He did is the access code.

Praising and Thanking Him means you’ve taken it as the TRUTH.

Don’t let your heart be troubled.

You have the privilege and access to intel by leaning on Jesus.

You always have the advantage.

Lift up your head, look in His eyes and dare to ask Him because you, like John, are the disciples whom Jesus loves.

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