Who Do You Think You Are?

“Then they said to him, “Who are you? Tell us, so that we may give an answer to those who sent us. What do you say about yourself?””

‭‭JOHN‬ ‭1:22‬ ‭AMP‬‬

 They asked this of John the Baptist.

Notice, religion always asks you of your title.

Not surprising to me, as I’m going through the unpublished drafts of my bogs from last year, that the Holy Ghost told me to return to,

That I would listen to a message last night, timely, sent by my dear friend.

I encourage you to look it up… (Bill Johnson- The Prophetic-2020.)

He was talking about this very passage, that I would open to this morning.

See… the Spirit and the Word always agree!

He spoke of John’s response.

He said,

“I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Make straight the way of the Lord, as said the prophet Isaiah.”

Bill commented that John was more caught up in His responsibilities than his reputation.

Or at least that’s how I heard it!

I couldn’t agree more.

John was secure in what He was doing, not who he was.

Remember dear ones, it’s the Lord who calls us.

We just walk in it.

He, Jesus is the affirmation to what He’s called.

When they asked the same question to Jesus about John, He said he was the greatest prophet.

I would rather have The Master Himself give title to my life, wouldn’t you?

And yet, I’ll show you a more excellent call.

I’m reveling in the fact that He’s called me Beloved.

I am.

My mission, to be loved.

Walking out His calling-

love for and through me to others.

That’s our highest calling.

Never mistake that identity.

I haven’t listened to the complete message yet, but I want to shift gears for a moment and show you what happens when we do-

Misplace our identity- even in what we’re doing.

Remember when John was in prison?

Remember how he sent to Jesus asking if “He was indeed the One?”

John had misplaced his identity from crying out for preparation, to being staunch on how the prophecy would be fulfilled.

Surely it wouldn’t look like this… prison?

He got the Word right, but the way, He misinterpreted for how it affected his own life.

Misplaced identity creates offense.

I got caught up in that junk.

People asking me my title.

Trying to place one on me.

It didn’t fit me right, until I heard from the Master’s own voice.

Just like Jesus, I’ve found, that I don’t have to defend myself.

God spoke OVER Him the day of His baptism-


the devil tried to accuse him and cause him to religiously defend his title.

“Do this to show the world who you are.”

Perform Jesus.

But Praise Jesus, He didn’t fall for that temptation.

Yes, John was the end of the line for competition of who’s the Greatest.

Jesus Himself talked Highly of John,


The ONLY ONE who overcame every temptation.

And now, we find our identity solely in HIM

Everything about us.

So, how do you identify?

When someone comes at you with this question…

Who do you think you are?

Let your answer blend with mine:

I am the Beloved.

I am the righteousness (right standing) of God in Christ Jesus-

In whom, I’m well pleasing to my Father.

And out of that fullness, you’ll be able to say, by the Unlimited Grace of God…

“You can be too!”

John prepared the Way.

Jesus IS the way.

It is finished.

We walk it out from there.

You and I, dear brothers and sisters, are gold diggers!

We have wealth we haven’t even tapped yet, by the manifold riches of God.

We are first and foremost, citizens of the Kingdom.

And where Is His Kingdom?

Ruling above all!

The Lord has prepared His throne in the heavens: and His kingdom ruleth over all.

Psalm 103:19

Take your place!

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