“In Him, you also, when you heard the word of truth, the good news of your salvation, and [as a result] believed in Him, were stamped with the seal of the promised Holy Spirit [the One promised by Christ] as owned and protected [by God].”

‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭1:13‬ ‭AMP‬‬

I don’t know how much more I can expound on this.

That’s why I said… “whoa!”

My gran used to say that phrase at the end of the scriptures that seemingly overwhelmed her.

This one does it for me.

If I could give you a word picture, it would be two things, of recent interest to me.

First, I think of the plane ticket that I requested through the airline.

I had paid for it, but had yet to receive a confirmation.

You know how excited I get about the confirmations of God, and here’s why:

It’s like that sealing of the deal.

The confirmation email was an outward display, to whom it may concern, that I had indeed paid for my ticket.

It wasn’t any longer just the airline and I who knew about it.

You with me?

The Holy Spirit came to confirm the results of our believing.

Jesus said that signs would follow those who believed.

But it’s even more that just believing in Jesus.

The above scripture says, you also, were stamped with the seal.

Also… meaning just like the One in Whom you’re now found.

Jesus was stamped with the Holy Spirit upon baptism, remember?

If you don’t, you need to check it out in Matthew 3.

John, the Old Testament prophet, prophesied until This One came.

The Father told him to look for the One on whom the Spirit would descend. (John 1)

It was a confirmation

To John and to the whole world that He was indeed the Son, in whom the Father was pleased.

And now, you also, have that stamp of approval.

Bringing me to the next picture.

The King’s signet ring.

It was the stamp or proclamation to the known world that whatever was done in the power of that seal, could not be revoked.

The King honored it.

Brothers and Sisters, I pray you’re seeing what I’m seeing.

We are approved of and honored by the King Himself.

Owned and protected.

Whom or what then shall we fear?


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