Kicking and Screaming

When in your life have you sensed Jesus calling you to come sit at His feet? How did you respond?

This was the last sentence, rather question in my Devo this morning.

The title is my answer.

The condition of my heart was exposed as I kept it real with the God who already knows me.

Have you ever had one of those children who never want to take a rest or sit on your lap?

They’re squirmy.

They grow up to be the talkers in class.

Ask me how I know.

I can’t help but think of the disciples gathered.

Peter would be the squirmer.

John would be the lap child.

And again, I share with you the revelation of John-that has so enriched my life.

He knew and believed He was loved.

That revelation brought forth confidence.

Knowing all the answers puffs us up, but

Hearing the Father’s still small voice, brings direction and confidence.

When God asked me to take a seat from ministry, I bawked it- kicking and screaming.

It would be like giving your child a toy but telling them they can’t play with it for now.

Issac, my son, has those.

A whole closet full of collectibles.

It drives him crazy not to play with them-

But They are special,

and they are worth something.

Father wanted to show me how to use the precious gifts that were given to me-

that I had taken upon myself to figure out on my own.

Galatians 3:3

Are you so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit, are you now made perfect in the flesh?

Being led by the Spirit is manifested in listening, first.

The directions given are made to follow-

Not try and figure out.

That’s where frustration comes in.

From the other side of this experience, I understand why Father said His ways are higher.

He truly knows Best.

The greatest thing to know, is that I don’t know it all, but I’m loved by the One who does.

Sit here in His presence with me a while.

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