I Want To Be Like Jesus

Although that statement appears admirable,

I’ve been stopped in my tracks by the Spirit of God, showing me the difference between a desire to be like Jesus, and conforming to Him.

During the height of a spiritual battle in my mind, a few years ago I was shown that I was competing,

with Jesus.

Talk about break my heart.

I thought I was head over heels in love with Jesus.

I had been trying with all my might to be like Him.

But the Spirit of God showed me the Truth.

I’m already like Him.

I’m in Him, and He’s in me.

Trying to be more like Him is a facet of legalism and your own works.

Conforming to Him means filling out or taking on His shape that’s already in you.

One is trying to achieve, the other is taking on what’s yours.

There’s a difference, even though they seem similar.

This was ignited in me just now after reading a rocking message by Carlie Terradez;


In scripture, we find that the enemy wants to be like Jesus, the actual Roaring Lion, wheras, you and I as believers are already Young Lions in Him.

He wants what belongs to us.

So, he imitates.

This is a mighty revelation Brothers and Sisters.

Finding out who He is, allows you to conform to who you really are.

How then, can we keep from singing His Praise?

He’s made us victorious in all things.

Hail! Hail! Lion of Judah! How wonderful you are!

How beautiful you are!

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