Get Em All Stirred Up

Father knew I would be writing this today.

It’s the 28th of February, in case this files back to October when it was first laid on my heart to simply title it.

I glanced at it yesterday, but was not stirred about anything in particular, and I refuse to write out of my flesh.

So, pondering and asking the Father about it, I was reminded that I had watched Trump’s speech this afternoon.

It’s been a bit since He’s made a speech.

Now I see it.

The Word picture, and the prophetic thread of My Father’s heart in teaching and training me to see how He does things.

I was already thinking after church service that it would be the right thing, or made sense to share how we should stir the Body of Christ to good works.

But what does that look like?

Well, for those of you that watched the speech today,

You saw what it looked like.

There was a stirring, of things that had maybe seemed settled for a bit.

A strong desire to put in remembrance what we started fighting for.

A remembrance of the freedom that we don’t want to lose.

Just like a pitcher of tea, after a while, the sugar settles to the bottom, making the first sip bitter-

If not stirred.

The Body of Christ needs a good stirring.

Starting with me.

We can be all put together and ready for action, but after a little complacency sets in,

And we get familiar with the Word,

treating Him as common-

We begin to sink back to the bottom.

Falling back into the status quo.


I believe it takes believers who are on fire and in fervent love for Jesus-

to stir others up into the good works,

they too were created for!

We have a job to do Brothers and Sisters.

Not just as a nation, who was built on the foundations of the Word,

But as The Body of Christ.

His hands and feet.

We are supposed to be busy about the Father’s business.

No matter what’s going on politically or globally.

Busy bees!

Think of stirring up a bees nest.

They’ll get busy and take action.

I’m not talking about busybodies that the Apostle Paul warned about,

That stir up strife and discord.

He’s calling us to be the antidote to that.

Like Gloria Copeland says, I don’t want to be someone’s dump.

Don’t allow trash talk about your family in Christ.

Put a halt to it and stir the pot the other way.

Say something kind about the person who someone is trying to get you to gossip about.

Stir each other up in good works.

Remind someone of their righteousness.

Tell someone about their benefits: read them Psalm 103!

You can’t outgive our Father.

It’s all His to begin with, but In His Unlimited Grace, He gives Seed to the Sower.


Sow the Word.

Sow Joy.

Sow Grace.

Sow Mercy.

Stir up the fruit of the Sprit in someone else and watch it grow in your own life.

Get em all stirred up!

Yea, I think it meet, as long as I am in this tabernacle, to stir you up by putting you in remembrance; 2 Peter 1:13

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