Healing For the Nations

Harvest Time

I’m fully persuaded that we lack nothing.

I believe that God has put everything that we could ever need in the earth, before mankind ever even came on the scene.

So, why does it appear that we lack?

He also answered that…

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6

I started an herb bed this year.

My own little Medicine farm.

Or rather, I was jump-started by my husband’s being revved up about gardening.

I’m so Thankful for How God works through him to get to me!

We had gotten in to trying different herbal teas, so I thought, why not grow my own.

I’ve found, that the process is astounding.

Did you know that the medicinal benefits that come from the plant are found by breaking or crushing the leaves?

Sure. I had heard that, and was even fired up about how many drops of oils came from several thousands of plants to fill my little essential oil bottles,

But there’s something different about it, when you go through the process yourself.

Although John’s revelation we read in the beginning is about the future,

The God we serve is Always the same.

As I said before about life spreading to everything we touch,

as believers,

that happens as we swim through the Living Waters of the Word.

But then something else happens,

We get broken.

And most of us see that as a negative thing,

Because brokenness hurts.


God uses our brokenness, just like those herbal leaves,

To bring healing.

To the Nations.

Do you know that you are strategically placed by God?

With giftings that God gave you personally.

As I look through my herb bed…

I see a variety of color, of size, and of purpose.

Each has different qualities, designed by God to aid in healing.

God had spoken to my heart not too long ago saying,

“The best doctors were once sick.”

Not that God ever intended for sickness to be a part of His creation,

But when man fell, it came through sin.

Those of us, who have been broken, can now share the healing properties that God designed through our giftings.

It’s not until you’ve experienced what someone has or is experiencing, that can you offer hope through compassion.

Without brokenness, we often become scalpels without anesthesia to our patients.

Jesus was broken for us.

For our healing.

He was tempted, tried, and broken to the point of death.

To bring healing to all nations.

He’s still doing that through us.

How do I get to the nations, you may ask?

Start just like Jesus said in Acts Chapter 1.

Jerusalem (your home town)

Judea and Samaria (more area when found fruitful and faithful)

And then the outermost parts of the world.

Be faithful with the sharing of your brokenness.

We overcome by the Blood of Jesus that was shed for us in His Brokenness, and by the Word of our Testimony- our brokenness.

Nobody cares what you know until they know that you care,

But they won’t know what He’s done until you open and Share!

Start in your home, and from there your territory will expand.

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