The Delay is Doing Something

I’m sitting here this morning thinking of a conversation I had with a friend yesterday,

About a fellow believer with a financial burden.

The friend said, once I found out about it, I thought back to all the times the Spirit of God prompted me to send him finances.

He referred to it as a delayed reaction.

Although I don’t believe it’s a good thing to be habitually late,

I remembered Jesus’ delayed response to Martha and Mary concerning their brother.

He let the situation not only die, but begin to wreak.

So, it was, in the friend’s situation.

Offense began to brew about why he hadn’t been as blessed as he felt he should’ve while engaging in ministry.

His source had changed hands.

I’ve had that happen.

Where my mind has been so used to how God originally did a thing, that I’ve boxed him in.

And, some times people, we feel, should be doing a certain thing and when they don’t, and we take an offense.

Jesus, The Master, wants to do a work on both sides…

In The delayed and The delayer.

Taking Offense is just as wrong as offending.

The Word says in James that God never tempts us.

So Jesus wasn’t tempting Martha.

But what was really in her heart was revealed in the delay.

I encourage you today, to see the delay as an opportunity for the real you to be exposed.

And then, Jesus can make you whole.

Trusting is resting.

Resting in His timing and Faithfulness.

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