Everybody’s Got a Blank Page….

A story, they are writing today…

I can’t credit that phrase.

NF said it best in his song from a few years back, but literally,

this is the first time since the beginning of my blogging that I’ve had a blank page,

Moving forward.

As I had shared, I had many, unopened, unfinished, starts of thoughts that God had began in my heart from months back.

But today, it simply said,

Create new…….

What a thought.

What a Seed.

What a privilege.



The Creator lives on the inside of every born again child of His, and He has given us the power and authority,

To create new.

Last night, while preparing for the doze off, He simply said,

Let’s dream together.

I started to see the fragments of things that I had once hoped, that look hopeless,

Come together again.

Only better this time.

What I had once dreamed and what He’s dreaming from His heart-

through me,

weren’t even close.

I’m starting to see how His thoughts are definitely not my thoughts.

They are so much more elaborate.

So grand.

So pure.

So precise.

Picture this with me..

You’re unpacking a suitcase from Heaven.

All the treasures of life are found in there.

Each one, so extravagant, that it takes a day at a time-

Sometimes longer, to process what’s in each facet you find.

That’s what I’m dreaming right now.

Or rather, experiencing, as I dream with him of the things He yearns to do in and through my life with the things that were packed for me through the Blood of Jesus.

I imagine today, it starts something like this…

“What are you dreaming of Father?”

Then I start to see a picture of the Garden.

The original design.

Where He walked and talked with the first family.

And if the family was first, I reckon we start there…

Let’s walk with Him in the Garden today.

Hearing His Voice as He communicates with us about our families.

Today is a new day.

A blank page.

Let’s allow History to be written through us.

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