Speak-“less”: Meekness

“You don’t have a meek bone in your body.”

I was told.

And, that’s right.

I don’t have a meek bone, in my body.

My flesh will always fail, when I choose to be led by it.

But my Spirit, that houses God’s perfection, is always meek.

(You can see this same example in Peter, speaking by the Spirit, of who Jesus was, and then turning around and rebuking him by speaking by his flesh.)

Our Spirit is full of every fruit bearing seed.

So, it is for every believer.

As I watch the literal seeds we have sown for the garden, take on a new shape, I’m becoming more aware of the process.

The Seed was planted by the Word.

And germinated by believing.

Now a new shape of life for the Seed is starting to form.

But it needs tending.

That seed is just as powerful at the beginning, as it is at full maturity of a bountiful crop.

But the process takes on different stages of growth.

Jesus didn’t lack in any of His deposit in me.

I can’t ever say I just don’t have meekness.

Or self control-

Or any of the other nine fruits of His Spirit.

That would be saying the Word isn’t true.

I absolutely have it.

I just have to allow it to grow and mature.

Right now, some of our seeds are just coming forth, some are needing to be transplanted, and some need to get in the ground.

Every container, determines the amount of fruit to be yielded.

If I keep these seeds in small trays for the duration of their life span, they will produce little fruit.

And so on, from cups and pots, until you put them in the wide open space of the garden ground-

where they can spread out their roots.

Some of us haven’t matured because of our small knowledge of what we have inside.

Some of us haven’t matured because we haven’t been watered properly.

We made a decision to receive what Jesus did for us, but that’s as far as we got.

We don’t spend time in His Word or in fellowship with other believers.

Some may say, I don’t need others to have a relationship with God.

Well, God waters my plants so that they can grow to their full potential through me!

I could be upset that they dry out, but God gave me the water and the ability to take care of them.

That’s why He gave gifts to the Body of Christ for your benefit.

And He gave the rest of the body, you!

That wasn’t even what I had planned to share!

So, as I’m reading back over this, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the title.

Speak less.

See, I still have lots of cultivating to do.

I tend to say more than needs to be said, and that is how my mouth gets me into trouble.

Meekness in and off itself is controlled power.

And where did God say the power was?

In the tongue.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. Proverbs 18:21

So, if I want to have controlled power, meekness, I have to cultivate self control over my tongue.

Meekness = speaking less!

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