Tremors From the Trauma

Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea,

This is an excerpt of the fierce, “pop-up” storm that happened between the Word given,

And Deliverance on the other side. Mark 4

Something caught my attention this morning.

Or, I’ll say, someone.

The Holy Spirit showed me the emphasis on the word and.

Jesus rebuked the wind,

that’s one part-


said to the sea….Peace, be still.

I’m asking Him to take me deeper into the reality of this for myself today.

What are the winds that need rebuking in my sails,


What do I need to be speaking to?

Particularly, what do I need to speak Peace to?

Winds catch things up.

So what is it that I am caught up in?




What am I allowing to rock my boat?

That needs dealt with.

Rebuke that.

Let Jesus arise from the place of Authority in your life.

As I’ve said before, wake the Word up in you!


speak Peace.

Put something back together.

Ok… so it’s taken me two days to finish this.

I see it all now.

I rebuked the winds.

But I wasn’t speaking Peace, to my heart.

The winds had ceased, but the waves were still rocking the boat!

Tremors from the trauma.

As our Pastor recalled a monumental miracle that took place in his family seven years ago,

I found myself in the storm that was already over.

As the scene was rehearsed, I went there in my mind.

Although, his father, whom the whole congregation knows as “Pappy” was literally sitting in front of me,

I’m sobbing as though he’s still laying in that hospital bed waiting on a lung transplant.

That’s when the Holy Guest ministered to my heart about the “tremors from the trauma.”

The winds had been rebuked, but the rehearsing of the trauma, kept my boat rocking.

I repent.

I’ve been doing that in some other areas in my life.

It’s been rebuked.

What was catching me up has ceased.

Now to the waves of my mind, rocking back and forth….

Peace, Be still.

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