You’re The Inspiration

It doesn’t really matter what scripture I put here.

They all point to Him.

And He, Jesus, is the inspiration.

I just heard Rick Renner share with Joseph Z, that the inspiration comes for his writings,

when his finger hits the keyboard.

And then, the writing follows.

It’s the same in every area that you’re called.

I see it like this, the call is always coming in, but you have to answer.

Once you do, the conversation from the Father follows.

No matter what, Jesus is the inspiration.

To write.

To live.


He’s worthy of every breath He put in me.

And next, comes my husband, my family, the church and the rest of humanity.

I love.

Because He loved and loves me.

He’s worthy of my loving up to His standard.

His standard trumps double standards.

When we, by Grace, stop comparing ourselves to how other people love, and choose to conform to His kind of Love,

Lives are changed.

Beginning with mine.

I want to encourage you today,

Put pen to paper, voice to thought, one foot in front of the other, by Faith.

He is the inspiration you are looking for.

Whatever you’re called to do today, you can do it!

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