He Hit The Wall

Through the massive crowd, I could see my Father in law walking back towards me, and I heard the words,

He hit the wall.

I took off running towards where the car should be.

And Praise God, it was there, along with my man,

Most importantly confirmed to me, to be ok.

He’s a great driver, but I know that beyond that,

Angels had taken charge.

As I looked at the side of his intricately detailed blue Malibu, I could see the scars.

But most importantly, I could see the Grace!

As I’ve pondered the event over the past few days,

especially after being invited to another big race,

I’ve thought about the song lyrics:

“Our scars are a sign, of Grace in our lives,

Oh Father, How you’ve brought us through.”

The scars won’t keep Dust from racing again.


I’m sure that one day they will not even appear there anymore, but they do now, and they are speaking volumes-

To me.

What scars are bearing in your life?

Instead of looking at the damage, look at the Grace.

You’ve walked out of it!

What the enemy meant to do to you, He could not.

The Word is always working.


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