The Pit Crew

Those people surrounding you when things break loose.

Or break down.

Or you simply need a refill!

I’ve seen them at the track, with us, scrambling to put the car back together, fetch extra parts, or just give a thumbs up before the next race.


More importantly, I see them in the pit.

With Joseph.

With me.

Giving us the opportunity to remain confident that the dreams God has placed in our hearts, will come to pass,

If we don’t give up hope, and stop dreaming.

Joseph continued to minister his gifts to the butcher and the baker, in the middle of his pit time.

Both of their lives turned out differently,

But the same Gift of God was used to minister to them both.

Same in our lives.

Not everyone will respond well to what God has placed in you,

But that’s not what God is looking at while He sees you,

And make no doubt, he sees you,

while you’re in the pit.

He’s watching your response.

Your pit doesn’t have to be an eternal one.

I believe we decide how long we pit.

If we allow the pit crew around us to sharpen and hone our gifts,

We can get out of there faster.

But if we see the pit crew as an irritant instead of an instrument,

We can stay longer.

Joseph knew he was destined for promotion.

So, I’m sure he was attempting to speed his pit time up, by mentioning to the butcher and baker to bring his name up again to Pharoah.

That however,

self promotion, and using the gift with the wrong attitude, cost him an extra two years pit side.

That skill of leadership would have to be honed for what God was really promoting him for.

He would be leading and providing for the same brothers who had originally sold him into the pit in the first place.

Brothers and Sisters, I pray today that you take a good look around your pit crew.

Ask yourself if you’re using your gift for them,

Or for you.

That will be your green light to get back on the track.

God has done some adjusting to my spiritual race car, just within the past couple of days.

Again, I started this a few days ago, but God was doing the work in me, before He sent it through me.

Today, Im praising God for my pit crew!

And you are just that.

God is taking us all up!

That’s what His family is all about.

I heard him say to my heart yesterday,

“I know that you all are waiting on my return,

But I’m waiting on yours.”

I’ll just leave it at that. ❤️

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