What Should We Do For Father’s Day?


Yes. Worship, I say.

You know what it’s like to give the gift that you think they will like.

Or maybe even the one you like.

Like when my son picked me some goggles for my recent birthday.

His eyes lit up when I said we would share!

It’s not that I don’t like, or need goggles, they do help me see when I vacuum the pool,

But it’s the heart behind the gift and who it’s really for.

So, let’s lay my heart bare:

Sunday’s are for Worship.

Like I said earlier, when I was asking Father what He wanted- thinking I had the best answer-

Especially since this past Sunday was Father’s Day.

However, we had also been invited for the next Greatest Father in my life to run his race out of town.

Leaving the state would keep us from our church house.

But Father prompted me about His gift…

Does Worship mean just raising my hands and singing His hallelujah?

Or, I sensed him shift my heart, to see that Worship is how I walk, in Him, drawing all men to Jesus in Me, and being about my Father’s business.


Every day.

Even Sunday’s.

Even Father’s Day.

Jesus said that He was just simply living His Life, in Worship, by doing and saying what He saw the Father do.

May seem easy.

But that’s a pricy gift.

When it goes against the norms, or even what others at the church building think.

It’s step up and step out time.

And that wasn’t easy for this girl.

I’m comfortable at Cheers, uh, I mean church, where “everybody knows my name.”

But it’s not about everybody knowing my name.

It’s about everybody knowing His Name.

The Name that saves.

The Name above every other Name.

Go, Now is the time to Worship!

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