You Are Not Forsaken

When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up. Psalms 27:10

As I read this the other day, I began to see it in a different facet.

After celebrating Father’s Day, I had the realization that some may not be experiencing Joy through this season, because they lacked a Father growing up.

I can relate.

Actually, everyone of us can.

The original father of humanity , Adam, and his wife, Eve, the mother,

had forsaken us.

They chose to live according to their flesh, regardless of the consequences that it would bring upon their children.

So, although blame for a life that was seemingly unfair or forsaken, could be placed on them, it cannot be laid at the hands of God,

But rather it is a decision that humanity has made over and over.

Except, One.

The Son of Man, Jesus Christ.

He alone, made the decision to fight against the selfishness and lusts of the flesh, to secure your rightful place in the Father.

The truth is, you and I are not only no longer forsaken,

But chosen and sought after, by God.

He Loves you.

He has taken you, up!

Jesus paid for your restoration to the Father’s house.

It’s only a matter of you knowing that and receiving His heart for you.

His Heart is Jesus.

And Jesus was the Greatest Father’s Day gift the Father could ever receive.

You and I have the privilege of simply giving Him Thanks for the Gift He has given us.

That’s what pleases Him.

Now, Brothers and Sisters, we have a reason to celebrate.

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