It Just Takes Some Thyme

I’m sitting on my front porch looking at beauty.

One of those components is some thyme that I planted year before last.

It looks as though it’s undercover.

It’s a great ground cover under the rest of the taller herbs.

Reminds me of covering the earth with the Gospel.

It’s beautiful and subtle, yet taking off faster than I had imagined.

It reminds me of something else Jesus said:

¶ Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field:32 Which indeed is the least of all seeds: but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof. Matthew 13:31-32

The same is true of this cover crop.

Just like the Word that we share, it seems like it’s not doing much some days because of its size and stature.

However, the roots of this herb are far greater than the tall plants and eventually it will take over the rest of the garden.

I want to encourage you today,

“That It Just Takes Some Thyme”

to see how the working of the Word manifests.

First, you sow it into your heart.

Then you water it by speaking the promises of God’s Word.

And then, like every gardener, including our Father,

We wait.

Patiently for the Harvest.

Praising Him every step of the way!

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