Why Is He Smiling?

Although that may not look like a full blown smile,

or smile at all,

I can assure you that a huge grin was trying to expose itself from his heart.

This is it.

The same car he had built as a toy model when he was a little boy-

Recalling that it was “tubbed out” (that means big tires) and the whole nine.

But then there’s me.

Looking at him, looking at the car.

Smiling on the inside.

Seeing how the Father could be smiling too, when our dumpy lives pull in his garage!

We’re not much to look at.

Spiritual rust and dents.

Some with parts missing.

But God doesn’t see that.

He sees His Son.

Then He sees A Son, or A Daughter.

And not only our potential.

He sees our end from the beginning…

Just pause here with me a moment and let that sink in.

Before my man ever began browsing for the “67 Nova” of his dreams,

He was showing me the ones that were already restored.

That’s the faith eye.

And he, like our Father, doesn’t plan to just wing it.

He’s counted the cost.

I’m not going to make this long and drawn out today.

I’m going to leave that to the Holy Spirit, from what He wants me to say next.

God counted the cost for restoring you.

He paid for you up front.

For the Full Restoration.

He’s not waiting on parts, or time or money.

Jesus is the fullness of what He was willing to give so that He could complete the process in you.

6 Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ: Philippians 1:6

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