There are a lot of rough spots on a restoration project.

That’s a given.

They are evidently not intimidating to my man.

That’s a trait from our Father.

I was reminded of that again today, when I was drawn to the alter to yet again, say yes, to laying down fear and any hinderance from fully yielding to the Holy Spirit.

I reasoned with myself that I seem to go to the alter anytime there’s an invitation.

That’s when the Holy Spirit reminded me of what it looks like for a rock to be chiseled into a diamond.

If I was walking in the total perfection in the flesh, then I could remain seated,

But as long as I see Jesus, opening an opportunity for the things of the Spirit to manifest in my flesh,

I’m going!

I choose to dine at the feast spread before me.

I choose to waste nothing He offers.

If He has paid full price for my restoration, I’m taking the Truth to



Of my life.

Allowing Him to chisel until I’m totally conformed to Jesus.

This side of Heaven!

Look back and see what blessed the heart of our Lord.

It was Every time the people believed and received from Him.

That’s Worship.

When we see what His blood shed was worth,

There’s no more desire to waste anything.

I was reminded today of the man with a withered hand, that stood among all the religious people and TOOK WHAT JESUS WAS OFFERING.

He left, Changed.

So, brothers and sisters,

I know He’s still working on and through me.

Chiseling the hardened areas.

My heart towards you is that you never be ashamed of allowing Father to restore every area of your life,

No matter how long it seems to take.

Our Father is doing a thorough work.

He’s a God of excellence.

And you, my dear one, are His Masterpiece!

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